cwl I absolutely LOVE using winged eyeliner to dress up my look.  Something about it just looks so classic to me and I think it really accentuates my eyes. For this tutorial we are keeping it simple, the trick is to start small and slowly build it up so you don't end up with eye liner all over the place. 1) Start by tight lining your eye, get as close to the lashes as you can and just leave little marks.  Moving from the outer corner to inner corner of your eye. 2) Now is where you go back and fill in to give yourself that consistent, smooth line.  It should look like a basic line you might wear everyday. 3) Here is where the fun begins.  Using the pencil and tip of your nose as a guide slowly draw a thin light line from the outer corner of your eye.  Match this angle on the other side and then thicken the lines once you have the angle you want. 4) Now you simply fill in the corner of your lid, creating a smooth rounded top line. 5) Voila! You have perfect winged liner.  Use a cotton swap and makeup remover to carefully erase any smudges you might have. ** If you have a hard time getting clean lines using a slanted liner brush will give you more control!

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