Huemanity Brush Set


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The Huemanity Brush Set includes four essential tools to apply a complete makeup look for a professional-quality result.

Set includes:

Blender Shadow Brush

Get a perfect eye look with this blender brush, made out of goat hair. Diffuse harsh lines and use for sheer application of highlighting shadow shades.

Angled Shadow Brush

Contour eyes with this pony hair brush. Can be used for blending shadow in the crease of the eye. The high-gloss handle is lacquered nine times for maximum durability.

Contour Brush

Get an airbrushed complexion with this tightly packed goat hair brush. The dense brush is perfect for melting liquid or powder makeup into the skin.

Angled Blush Brush

Contour any face shape with this angled, goat hair brush. The perfect size and shape to hollow below the cheekbones and to highlight the bridge of the nose, forehead and tops of cheekbones.

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Weight 0.90 oz

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